24 January 2017

Getting Over The January Blues

The January Blues.
January is such a weird month don't you think? You're still dealing with the financial stress of Christmas and you're just starting to settled back in with work. That's why I was so thankful when my Boux Avenue box came with Tisserand Aromatherapy’s De Stress mist. As a trainee teacher (with only 5 months left) I am ALWAYS stressed and I mean ALWAYS.

I forget to eat/drink because I'm constantly doing work or planning lessons that I forget to look after myself, you could say I haven't mastered the work/life balance yet. Which I'm beginning to think I never will. I was the same in my last year at university when I was constantly worried about my exams, thankfully on a PGCE I don't have any this year.

So I've been spraying the De Stress mist on my pillow and around my bedroom just before I'm trying to sleep - because when I'm surrounded by 30 3/4 year olds everyday, believe me I need to be de-stressed. This mist is such an affordable product and smells lovely so it is definitely worth a try!

After the mist there is nothing I love more than room diffusers and candles. When I am stressed and doing work I sit at my table and have my candles going - I'm not sure what it is about them but they are so calming! This one I received is 'ergamot, mandarin and amber' and the smell is just divine. Actually all my candles from Boux Avenue are to die for, I've actually completely used up one I got a few months ago (I was obsessed).
The room diffuser also comes in that fragrance so I have it placed on my bedroom windowsill, as soon as I open my door I can smell it straight away it's loooovely.

 Lets not forget about underwear shall we. As I said in my previous post there is something about wearing matching underwear that makes me feel like I have got my sh*t together. Long gone are my days of throwing on mismatched underwear and I feel like a new women. When I received this gorgeous Chloe Lace Plunge Bra and Shorts a feeling of dread did come over my (I won't lie). I though I am not the person that could pull off the colour Tangerine. But oh was I wrong. It looks gorgeous, I don't think there is any product Boux Avenue can do that doesn't look good on, it's just so pretty!

I did also receive a Panda mini hand warmer however the day after I got my January box it was -1 degree here in Liverpool so these have been worn over and over again already. They are a life saver, especially when I am waiting for the bus at 7:30 in the morning!

So to all my students out there - I know how you are feeling during this January month, believe me I have been there for the past three years! But whether it be having a long hot soak, going to the gym or reading a book, just make sure you take some time out of your day to relax and look after yourself.
Try not to worry about being behind on your work either. Everybody is. Even I myself still find myself writing lesson plans or doing evaluations the night before they're needed. It's normal. It's life. One thing that has helped me is completing a weekly goal of what I need to do urgently and what can wait a little. Fair enough I don't stick to it everyday like when I've had an awful day and I don't feel like doing any work but I just make sure that I do that extra little bit the next day.
And also talk to people - you are not the ones ones feeling this way, trust me, everybody needs help sometimes. It feels like such a weight off my shoulders when I am able to talk to Oliver about how overwhelming it is sometimes. It might feel needy but getting your worries off your chest and having support is so reassuring. 

Elle x 


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