26 May 2016

Crazy nights in London with ASOS x Keds Event

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the nations favourite retailer is like? Well I certainly have, for a long long time. ASOS has been my number one go to for years, so when I got an email pop through that I had been invited to their event with Keds I had to go.

I headed down to London for the day, considering I live over 200 miles away and I was on the train longer than I actually was in London, but I was too excited to be going to ASOS to even care.

As I scrambled through Euston trying to find Sophie - Stitches of Style I forgot how overwhelming London is but arriving there at 5:00pm probably wasn't the best idea. After finally surviving the underground we decided to hit a bar whilst meeting some other bloggers including Laura, Tobi and some others!
We bonded over a bottle of Prosecco before hitting ASOS HQ which was just over the road.


The event itself was on another level, from the sushi to the champagne, from the nail booth to the hair booth. There was so much going on to enjoy! I was able to network with some amazing people, including the amazing Isabella (who is just as amazing and gorgeous in real life) to the wonderful people from Keds. The panel talk allowed me to learn so much, from how to market myself on all aspects of social media and how to ignore the haters, "Bye, Felicia". 

As I sat on my long journey back to Liverpool I couldn't help but reflect over the last few crazy hours. I constantly turn down events because of travelling or the fact that I might not know anybody there (much like I almost did for this event). I was so glad I finally said YES...although when its ASOS how could you possible say no? I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and have a fabulous night!

Elle x

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