20 October 2016

Breasts with Boux

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Boux Avenue this month is all about Breast Cancer Awareness - they have teamed up with partnered with Breast Cancer Care for the forthcoming year, with the aim of raising at least £25,000 for the charity. How amazing is that?! They also hope  hope to raise awareness (particularly among younger women) of the importance of regularly checking for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. So get feeling yourselves ladies.

As it is also Halloween they sent me some items to vamp up my lingerie, first off is this gorgeous Claudia cut-out chemise in violet - it's so sexy!!

This Briony satin body maybe the greatest thing I now own - I could lounge around in it all day, it makes me feel like such a women, the low back, the lace, the black it just all works. 

Smelling great is a must for me (I mean isn't it for everyone?) Boux sent these three body mists and they are all to die for. I've been complimented on them so many times that it's difficult to have a few. However if i HAD to it would be Miss Boux - it is the one I take to university and am constantly spraying. It is black rose, orchid and musk, isn't that just a match made in heaven.

Lastly is the Tara bra and pleated briefs. The colour is a dream, I'm not normally a one for bright colour however this one has taken my fancy, it's SO comfortable too!! 


27 September 2016

Why You Need To Splurge On Yourself (And 20% Off Boux Avenue)

Girls and Boyfriends REJOICE. You can get unlimited 20% off Boux Avenue with my code ELLEBOUX20.

It seems so long ago since I was heading off to uni as I am now a fourth year student (yikes). It was so important to me to get far away from where I am originally from so I settled here in Liverpool, which I love! You think going to university is only about the basic essentials (stationery and cutlery etc..) but really you need to spend money on yourself. You are setting up a completely new life, new friends, new home, everything. That you need to make an effort on yourself.

 There is such magic in underwear, it can make you confident and sexy, which no one can stop you when you feel that way. It is something so discrete that no one apart from you will know about (unless you want them too of course...) Lets talk about this lingerie set, its electric colour and lace detailing just oozes femininity.

If you are lucky (and cursed) like me you can wear super delicate unpadded bras day to day, then welcome to the itty bitty club! This set is one of my all time favourites, it feels like I am part of the Free The Nipple club and it also feels like I'm not actually wearing a bra which is always a plus.

Even though it's a joy to wear delicate underwear now and again, comfort is KEY, especially if you have a 8-10 hour day at university. As boring as the lectures may be as long as you are comfortable you will be able to make it through, (trust me I have been there!)

I don't believe in purely buying underwear to impress and attract your partner. I often enjoy impressing myself and feeling like a women. Queue the most amazing body ever. Boux Avenue hit the nail on the head with this piece, I can't explain the love I have towards it. The floral detail, the cut out back and the mesh number, what more could you want?! I wore this before with some high waisted trousers and heels, I felt so daring and like I could rule the world.

This teddy is also one of my new favourites. Lace detail ALWAYS is a yes from me. The simplicity and the feel, it will always be a personal favourite of mine.

An essential for me is being comfortable, especially after having a breakdown due to assignments, exams or a dissertation. There is nothing like crawling under the duvet with some chocolate and a glass of wine (always) to make the day feel better. PLEASE do excuse me getting a picture of my nightshirt of the Boux Avenue website, but I have worn mine to death!

If you end up being in the same situation with me when you first move into halls then you may not end up with the cleanest housemates, which let me tell you isn't great. You may not think about it now but believe me within the first few weeks it will be, but ever since then and even in mine and my parters home, fragrance has been a huge thing. I love coming home after a long day at university to a welcoming smell.

So I guess you probably figured it out that I am a Boux Student Ambassador - how exciting is that! So on a monthly basis I will be showing you guys what I have received and giving you my honest opinion on them all. And hopefully providing you with tips on how to survive university because I have been through it all!

P.S Boux Avenue are taking part in Student events throughout September and October! Mine is in my local Liverpool One on September 28th and it is on all day so make sure you pop in. Because if you do you will get 20% in store and a Free Limited Edition Goody Bag when you spend £50 or more. If you aren't local to Liverpool then check this link to find out your closest store!

Elle x 


26 May 2016

Crazy nights in London with ASOS x Keds Event

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the nations favourite retailer is like? Well I certainly have, for a long long time. ASOS has been my number one go to for years, so when I got an email pop through that I had been invited to their event with Keds I had to go.

I headed down to London for the day, considering I live over 200 miles away and I was on the train longer than I actually was in London, but I was too excited to be going to ASOS to even care.

As I scrambled through Euston trying to find Sophie - Stitches of Style I forgot how overwhelming London is but arriving there at 5:00pm probably wasn't the best idea. After finally surviving the underground we decided to hit a bar whilst meeting some other bloggers including Laura, Tobi and some others!
We bonded over a bottle of Prosecco before hitting ASOS HQ which was just over the road.


The event itself was on another level, from the sushi to the champagne, from the nail booth to the hair booth. There was so much going on to enjoy! I was able to network with some amazing people, including the amazing Isabella (who is just as amazing and gorgeous in real life) to the wonderful people from Keds. The panel talk allowed me to learn so much, from how to market myself on all aspects of social media and how to ignore the haters, "Bye, Felicia". 

As I sat on my long journey back to Liverpool I couldn't help but reflect over the last few crazy hours. I constantly turn down events because of travelling or the fact that I might not know anybody there (much like I almost did for this event). I was so glad I finally said YES...although when its ASOS how could you possible say no? I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and have a fabulous night!

Elle x


26 March 2016

Pretty Pinafore

Damn Elle, back at it again with Dorothy Perkins.
They are just killing it lately, choosing from the website is becoming harder than finishing my dissertation!

I stuck with the summer clothes as I wanted to show how I style my summer outfits with my trainers of course. I love this Midwash Denim Pinafore Dress, I thought it matched so well with a black turtle neck and my EQT Running OG Adidas trainers which I got from size?. But it could easily be paired with a cute sleeveless top or a crop top if we was blessed with hot weather.

Top - ASOS
Trainers - Size? (my exact ones are out of stock but you can get similar ones)

21 March 2016

Dorothy Perkins - Part One...

So..I received an email about doing another collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, and obviously I jumped at the opportunity. I'm doing a three part collaboration with them - and this is number one!

For this collaboration I chose outfits I could style for the summer as it's getting warmer (thankfully!)
I chose a black (obviously) suede midi skirt which I'm obsessed with, paired with a bodysuit from ASOS and my Yeezys it gives a casual classic daytime look. Paired with my Moschino backpack to give it a pop of colour.

Skirt -Dorothy Perkins
Bodysuit - ASOS
Trainers - Adidas x Kanye West


13 March 2016

ASOS x Denim

'm LOVING the Denim range at ASOS and when I got the opportunity to feature their new range I was in heaven.

I'm repping the 'Authentic Straight' and they are so cool aren't they? They're high waisted which I love, it feels so weird for me wearing jeans that aren't, so they were perfect! I normally go for super skinny jeans but these have a bit of a flare to them which i'm now wondering how I've gotten by without a pair like these in my life.

I'm loving how easy they are to style also, I've rocked them with a jumper, a body suit and a even tried with denim on denim and it all looks good (in my opinion anyways).

My whole outfit is from ASOS (obviously!). This top is a dream and I'm needing it in all colours, super oversized and slouched fit which is amazing, and the V neck back is perfect for summer time.

Jeans - ASOS
Top - ASOS 
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