27 October 2015



Ok so thanks to the lovely people at etailPR and Vestry I received this beyond gorgeous jumpsuit! If you would like to search it, it is called ‘Flattering Wide Leg Jumpsuit’ which it definitely is flattering - or you can find it by clicking here! Obviously I went for the colour black because, well you know me guys black is my favourite colour, and this one caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong all their products look beyond amazing and I am definitely going to buy something from them.

Firstly black will never go out of style so I know that I am able to match this with pretty much whatever colour I am feeling that day, which is always a bonus. Also I am so into flares lately (I know I’m a bit behind but at least I’m loving them now). I love love love the tie front – because I would mainly wear this on a date night I love the sexiness you can bring to it, I’m able to show as much cleavage as I would like by either tightening it up or having it loose, depending on my mood!
Can we also just talk about how good it makes your curves look as well!! As soon as I put it on it clung to my waist you could see hips and ass which everyone enjoys, don’t they?!

Although I would mainly wear this for a date, I would have no problems being a little versatile and shoving on a cap and some of my trainers (as you know I’m obsessed) and strutting around Liverpool One in it.

Jumpsuit: Vestry

Shoes: Missguided

Bag: Moschino

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