29 August 2015


Ok...So I need a minute to talk about the goodies that the amazing Rox 'N' Bunny sent me.

I have been obsessed with their jewellery for a few months and it was killing me that they hadn't launched yet so when they said they wanted to collaborate I was in heaven! I was able to have a sneak peak on their website and I can't explain how hard it was to choose two things (I brought the phone case because it was too die for HOWEVER Oliver has stolen it for himself so I am going to purchase another).

Lets start with the packaging first of all, I mean isn't it gorgeous? I always feel that you can tell how good a product is by the packaging and as I thought it would be, it was amazing.
The earrings, cracked marble is my weakness right now (which was the need for the cracked iPhone case also) so these were a must and the sassiness I felt when I put them in was crazzzzzzy. The rings aren’t they a dream? I have never really been one to wear many rings but with them being minimal I had to have them, they do also come in gold.

I am super excited for them to launch and I hope that I am able to work with them again!
You can also sign up to their website before they launch in a few days by clicking here.

Name of products 
Earrings – RODIE
Rings – LEE

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