2 June 2015


First things first amma apologise for the fact I still have the tag on this outfit! I completely forgot and Oliver forgot to mention it to me whilst he was taking these photo's. Rest assured it was removed as soon as I looked at these pictures!

I am OBSESSED with this jumpsuit from Forever 21. I was instagram stalking some hot chicka when  I saw this and i knew I had to have it, the open back, the high cut neck is just to die for isn't it??
It's also the perfect outfit for a hot day when you are strolling around the city as it's sooooo comfortable.

Also my PUMA trainers are my new fav even though they get SO dirty so easily meaning I have to clean them like every day which is a nightmare.
Teamed with my favourite ZARA  backpack and some sunglasses I stole off my sister.

much love,

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  1. Not normally a fan of forever 21 but this jumpsuit is so nice! Currently obsessing over monochrome and stripes so this is perfect
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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