22 April 2015

Summer days

Ok so I'm currently procrastination on a 1000% level considering I have an exam next week so I'd thought I'd blog.
This wasn't my original outfit as I did have white trousers on from Topshop however me being me got lip liner on them on the way to Leeds so I thought why not go buy a white skirt that I'd probably get dirty anyways but luckily I didn't!

This top is from ASOS and it is amazing, I love the deception of how it looks normal at the front but the cut out back is so good for a hot day or to add a little bit of sassiness to the outfit, and denim skirts will always be chic and this Topshop one is a dream.
My backpack is from Zara and although it doesn't look it it is so roomy! Considering the amount of stuff I carry in my bag it was a must.

My shoes! New Balance 574. I was never a trainer girl before I got with Oliver however now I am obsessed! I have just brought another pair of New Balance 996 because they are probably the comfiest trainers I have along side my Nike Free Runs. But you can wear them with pretty much everything so if you don't really have trainers and want some I would defiantly recommend these.

Plus my Moschino phone case of course, which got a lot of attention in Leeds, especially in the Lush shop which is quite embarrassing. Also these ASOS sunglasses which were my sisters which have magically become mine now...

Much love,

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