6 February 2015

My First Time

I never though that I would be writing a blog post, but why not?
I'm 20 years old and I currently live in Liverpool studying at LJMU. I don't have a job at the minute which may be why I'm starting this, too have some fun whilst being stuck in my flat. As you will see most of my outfits revolve around the colour black (and by most I mean all). It is a colour I feel always flatters, always looks good and never goes out of style.
I am a shopaholic there is no doubt about that, and I've only just got an overdraft which was probably not a good idea so be expecting a lot of blog posts with my latest purchases. Which I'm sure my boyfriend wont enjoy as he is the one that takes all my photos for me, bless his soul.
Also eyebrows are very important to me.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Much love, 


1 February 2015


If you would like to contact me regarding anything then please email - ellegalvin2@gmail.com

Also if you would like to follow my instagram it is: www.instagram.com/ellegalvin.

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